Some of the many services we provide:

Advanced Dentistry

Many times pets, especially older pets, can start acting older than they really are, this can be a symptom of diseased teeth and dental pain. Once the diseased teeth are extracted the years seem to melt away. With our state-of-the-art digital dental x-ray machine and Dentalaire portable dental machine, we have the capabilities to perform bonded sealants. In some cases, we are able to save the teeth rather than extract them. Regular dental care for your pets prevents several serious illnesses and can save teeth.

Spays and Neuters

Superior Quality Spays and Neuters with pricing that INCLUDES:

Recommendations and Requirements for Services

VAC requires pre-anesthetic blood work for all of our patients 8 years and older, and for all dentals.

VAC recommends pre-anesthetic blood work and/or ECG heart function testing for pets of any age undergoing an anesthetic procedure.

Valencia Animal Clinic offers some pet healthcare packages to keep your pet healthy and save you money. Ask about our Puppy program, Kitten program, Annual wellness programs, and Senior Wellness Program.

VAC and CDC recommends annual fecal exams for your pet. Keeping your pet parasite free assures them of good health and assures you and your family that there is no danger of zoonoses. Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be passed from animals to humans.

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